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Serving more than 600 clients worldwide, including fixed, mobile, ISPs, cable, broadcast, publishing, & entertainment organizations, Capgemini delivers tangible business value to clients in the Telecom & Media industries across the world. You can depend on a portfolio of unique solutions, including Consulting, Application Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services, to dissolve any key challenges as your industries evolve.

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  • Media & Entertainment

    The Media & Entertainment industry is becoming ever more digital. Consumption and purchase behaviours have progressed into multi-tasking as consumers watch TV at the same time as accessing information via multiple devices. We help broadcast, publishing, & entertainment organizations to innovate and stay ahead of the market to meet the changing consumer demands.

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  • Telecoms

    The pace of change in the telecom industry is unparalleled, and technological advances and changing consumer behavior have irrevocably changed the business environment. Drawing on over 30 years of industry experience, we have worked with Telcos across the globe to achieve their strategic goals and world-class results.

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