Analyst and Advisor Contacts

Whether you need information about our service offerings and industry experience, or would like to interview one of our experts, the Analyst Relations team is here to help you. Contact a member of our team to request information, arrange interviews or briefings, or request copies of Capgemini publications.


  • Tom Minarik

    Analyst Relations Director

    Coverage Areas:
    • Strategic Business Units: Application Services; Capgemini Consulting
    • Global Service Lines: Digital Customer Experience & Mobile Solutions; Cybersecurity
    • Region: EMEA
  • Cami Granahan

    Analyst Relations Manager
    New York

    Coverage Areas:
    • Strategic Business Units: BPO; Infrastructure Services
    • Industry Sectors: Energy, Utilities & Chemicals (EUC)
    • Initiatives: Cloud Services; Ready2Series
    • Alliances: EMC; Microsoft
    • Regions: LATAM
  • Hannah Hyman

    Analyst Relations Manager

    Coverage Areas:
    • Strategic Business Units: Application Services
    • Industry Sectors: Banking; Insurance; Consumer Products & Retail (CPR)
    • Initiatives: Next Generation Application Management
    • Alliances: Oracle; SAP
    • Regions: North America
  • Sanjiv Vishwanathan

    Analyst Relations Manager

    Coverage Areas:
    • Strategic Business Units: Application Services
    • Industry Sectors: Automotive
    • Global Service Lines: Insights & Data; Testing Services
    • Initiatives: Global Engineering Services (GES)
    • Alliances: HP; IBM
    • Region: APAC
  • Kara Lira

    Influencer Relations Knowledge Manager
    Las Vegas
  • Christel Lerouge

    VP, Content, Operations, Influencer Relations
    Group Marketing & Communications


  • Norbert Jachmann

    Regional Advisor Manager
  • Hakan Petersson

    Regional Advisor Manager
  • Philippe Rochet

    Regional Advisor Manager
  • Lisa Ross

    Regional Advisor Manager
    United States
  • Marco Van der Vet

    Regional Advisor Manager